The Bears' Own Page

This is where our bears will, eventually, be able to talk to the world. Unfortunately they haven't worked out how to handle the keyboard yet.
That doesn't stop them being well travelled, and they especially asked me to put up some pictures of them, around the world.

The first one is them at home, though.
The Usual Suspects

They are: (Back row, left to right) Big Ted, and Bjorn (though he doesn't live here, he was just visiting)
Second row: White Ted (he's special, he was made by a disabled person), Snow, and Big Ears
Third row: Holiday Ted (usually "H" ), Hum, and Ren
Fourth row: "T" (short for Tiny) and Heartbeat
And at the front (look closely!): Micro Ted.

The Bears on Their Travels

Bears in Scotland

This is the bears at Port Vasgo, on the north coast of Scotland. Large image available (62k)
Detail of picture. Click for full image
This is part of a picture of me talking to the bears at the same place. Click the picture for the full thing.

These two pictures both link to the same large picture, of them taking the sun at a campsite in the French Alps

The bears taking the sun under the cable car up the Hanenkahn

The bears taking the sun under the cable car up the Hanenkahn, during our first trip to Austria. (See our holiday page)

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